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We specialize in Two and Four stroke, ATV/Motorcycle Performance parts. Cylinder head porting,   ATV engine Custom Racing Parts. TT racing, Drag Racing, MX Racing,  Big Bore kits, High performance Pistons, ATV  Accessories.
Custom head work and engine building with the help of a Dynojet Dyno and a Superflow flow bench,  our full service engine and machine shop is dedicated to the performance of ATV racing and  fun!

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High RPM Race Engines   experiences a totally different air flow than most people think. In that context, air can be thought of as thick, sticky, elastic, gooey and heavy .

Porting the heads provides the flow and port velocity required to bring the engine to a higher level of efficiency.

More than any other single factor, the porting process is responsible for the high power output of modern engines.


The ultimate in ring seal is drilling the pistons for gas ports. Compression rings normally need about 0.002-0.004-inch (vertical) ring-to-groove side clearance to allow cylinder pressure to get behind the ring and force it to seal against the groove and cylinder wall.

Gas ports apply combustion pressure directly to the back of the ring, allowing the virtual elimination of side clearance. Since the ring is restrained by the groove itself, theres less opportunity for high-rpm ring flutter. Very thin, narrow, and lightweight 0.043-inchthick rings are needed to reap gas-portings full benefits. Gas ports work best with short piston-compression heights (under 1.200 inches) on engines running 7,000 rpm or higher. The gain is 1 to 3 HP!
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                  LTZ-400 DVX400 
Complete Ported Cylinder Head Plus New CDI Race Cams, Springs, High Compression Piston

LTR450 YFZ450X TRX450R LTZ400
         Most other 4 STROKES included        

Your  cylinder head will receive precision port work, combustion chamber modifications, and  a 5 angle valve Job, all valves are back cut for improved flow. The head is flow-bench tested to ensure proper flow and port Velocity is substantially improved, resulting in much improved power output at mid and upper RPMs.

A gas ported forged high-compression CP piston

New camshafts are chosen based upon the needs of each customer to produce a broad spread of power from low RPM all the way to the rev-limit.

New CDI that has 10 pre-program setting plus  10 downloadable programs that can be tweaked to each engine's needs including  fuel and Timing! 

New Race Springs shimmed to the exact seat pressure needed for the camshaft.

Horsepower and torque are dramatically improved at all RPM.        $1553.00 
plus shipping    Regular   $2350.00    
CP Gas ported pistons
Stock and Stroker Cranks

Southern Racing Performance
Porting and valve work  surface head
                Starting at $450.00,
Birch Creek Nationals
Z 400
DVX 400
DVX 400
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Over 25 years in building Drag race, Circle track, go-cart, ATV's and Motorcycle engines
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